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Most enjoyable oral sex to satisfy each other

Different forms of sexual activities are there to enjoy. Many people stop with kisses, smooches and intercourse but there are a lot more than these things. The pleasure of sex should be enjoyed with different sex techniques. If you enjoy sex just with intercourse then you are missing a lot because oral sex is a part and before that you can try different sexual activities that give amazing pleasure.

If you want to enjoy the highest pleasure every time then you should try different sexual activities otherwise it is not possible to enjoy it. Many people enjoy sex in a monotonous way and they think that sex is what they have. But if they start to explore they will understand that it is deeper, wider and greater to unleash incredible pleasures.

Passion matters

As far as sex is considered passion is most important to enjoy the real pleasure of sex. The real pleasure means, core pleasure that gives shuddering climax. Many couples don’t know that their bond and the affection will get strengthened if they have most enjoyable sex. To experience the most enjoyable sex, each couple has to get engaged in intense sex. Both of the persons have to contribute each other to satisfy each other so that it will be amazing.

Oral sex satisfies each other

The couple that satisfies each other in sex will have intimate and happy family life for sure. The best way to gratify each other in sex is to carry out oral sex. Oral sex is really amazing but some people without knowing about it they just ignore it. There are some misconceptions about oral sex. If you are looking to have amazing sex with your partner then choose oral sex and end up in intercourse. 

Blow job

Blow job is one of the most famous oral sex that most of men don’t ignore. Men want it badly but some female partners don’t do it. It is sad those how such women don’t understand the pleasure of blow job. Actually it is nothing but simply sucking and licking penis.

How blow job is done?

Women take their partner’s penis and will taste it. They will insert it in their mouth and will such it like tasting ice cream or something. They do this by keeping their mouth in a shape like blowing so that teeth don’t hurt the penis. They do this with brushing their lips on penis and will blow in and out but taking the penis in and out.

This can be done in different positions whichever both of them feel comfortable with. Once he is about to ejaculate, she will take it out of her mouth and will masturbate the penis for him or else some women keep the penis insider and take the ejaculation in their mouth to give the best pleasure for their men.


This is most awesome for women because they can enjoy the pinnacle of pleasure. Men like to do this for their partner because they find this interesting to take her to the magnificent climax. Cunnilingus is nothing but licking the female genitals and kissing it in different ways. Initially he will start kissing down in thighs and then will move to the vagina. As he starts kissing around her vagina starting from thighs she will moan and he will get excited to go more. Slowly he will start licking her vagina walls and will continue with it for some time. She will enjoy it to the core.

Another part of this is that he will start playing with her clitoris the one of the most sensitive part of her genitals. Then he will open the vagina walls slowly and insert his tongue and will move it in different manner. This is the time in which she will move to the ectasis of pleasure and she will not have mind to ask him to stop it. The fact is that as he continues to do this she will love it more than intercourse because intercourse will be finished soon but this will go till she gets orgasm. In this he can slide his tongue over her vagina walls, then sliding it from top to bottom of vagina in cross angles and then he licks completely.

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Prefer the best branded condom for your purpose

Most of the men in the present days are very much interested to have sexual contact with the women with whom they are in a close relationship. Having sexual conduct becomes very casual in the recent days and many people are having it before marriage and when they are in a relationship. In fact some of them will not have a female partner but they will be very eager to have sex with a woman. In such case, they will hire a call girl and quench all their sexual desires with them. Theres even social media apps where teens trade nude snapchat and create a sexual relationship. However, it does not matter with whom the men are having sexual contact, they have to make sure that they are protected.

Many men are being affected by sexually transmitted diseases in these days and the main reason is unprotected sexual contact. Though most of them are aware of those problems and their consequences, they are not taking proper measures in order to prevent them from those problems. As the result, they are affected by the serious problems and they will be dealing with many issues. If you are a person who is very much eager to have sex with someone then it is recommended to use condoms in order to ensure your safety.

When you are using condoms in the time of sexual intercourse, you are able to stay away from the problems such as sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS etc. There are many people who use to concern about these diseases and they will not have sexual contact with anyone. But they do not have to worry about those things when they are using condoms. Most of the medical experts are recommending people to prefer and use the best condoms so that they are able to be protected. Many awareness programs are also being conducted by the social organizations in order to educate the people in this case.

Therefore it is always very important to use condoms in order to prevent yourself from the unwanted health problems. Actually today plenty of brands have been emerged in the market therefore the individuals can simply prefer any of them for their purpose. But there is one important thing that they have to think about and consider. Though there are many brands in the market, there is no assurance whether all those brands are selling the best quality condoms for the people purpose. This is the most important thing that everyone has to ensure before purchasing a condom.

There are some cheap brands which are selling poor quality condoms. When people prefer those brands and use their condoms, there are many chances for getting affected by the diseases. Hence it is always recommended to prefer the best and most reliable brand and purchase the condom for your purpose. Most of the people will have no idea about the best brand in the market. If you are one among them then you do not have to worry about anything because there are many online sites to guide in selecting the right brand.

Hence you can make use of them and get some ideas about the brands and the condoms that they are offering. When you are going through the information, you are able to get to know about each brand in the market hence it will be easy for you to make better decisions. However, those who are looking for the best brand in the condoms can simply prefer durex condoms without any concern. It is because this is being the most leading and preferred brand in the market therefore the individuals can choose this condom for their purpose.

The durex condoms will be at best quality therefore there are no chances for the infection of any sexual diseases. This is the major highlight about this brand. The condoms from this brand will definitely meet the expectations of the individuals hence they can prefer this for their purpose. Those who are interested to purchase the durex condoms do not have to go anywhere and search for it. They can simply go online and order the condoms easily without any trouble. Since many online sites are selling durex condoms in the present days, it becomes very easy for the people to purchase it.

Favorite Apps to Send Nudes

Whether you’re on Android or iOS, you should be careful in choosing an app for sending nudes. After all, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that some software developers aren’t really in the business to offer topnotch means of communicating privately. Some might just be waiting to build a database of photos for whatever reason. Even apps that have risen in popularity might not be completely safe either.

So, the question now is this – which of your preferred apps for sending nudes should really be on your phone? Providing a list of good software might work, but it’s certain that a few would be left out. It’s best to answer the question by listing features and qualities that can only be found in applications that have become true favorites among those really serious about privacy and security in their naughty photo-sending pursuits.

Need for Proper Encryption

If you’ve been sending pictures through such messenger-type applications, it’s quite likely that you have your own private collection that could be a problem if leaked and distributed freely online. One good way of preventing that from ever happening is by choosing a software that comes with its own encryption feature. That means even if other people actually get their hands on your phone, they’ll still need a key to see you in all your naked glory.

If you’re wondering whether this security solution comes with a downside, well, yes it does. As you go to greater lengths to protect your privacy, you’ll be letting go of convenience. In short, you’ll also be required to use a key every time you wish to check your photos – and even if you’re sending a picture to the right person, going through all sorts of security checks might still be necessary.

On Safe Download Sources

Here’s another thing common to the finest sexting apps – they’re only available from reputable download sites, namely Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play Store. Don’t even try relying on software that you’ve downloaded from a random file-sharing site – this is regardless of whether the app looks exactly the same as its officially-distributed counterpart. It’s likely that it has been tampered with by individuals with not-so-honest intentions.

Also, anything that claims to have been banned from Apple’s or Google’s official portals should be avoided. Now, here’s another relevant question – would it be safe to assume that all iTunes and App Store applications offer the right level of security and can be trusted? No, it definitely wouldn’t. While Apple and Google do try to filter and evaluate apps, they can’t guarantee your safety. You’ll have to scrutinize the software you’ve installed.

A Good Number of Reviews

The best apps have one thing in common, and it’s an impressive rating. With that in mind, you really should go for sexting solutions that have the highest ratings – a solid four stars should be the minimum. Once again though, you shouldn’t hastily conclude that an app should be among your favorites without assessing it further. Remember that ratings and reviews can be bought, so it’s your job to find out whether the numbers are true.

Just open the reviews and read what’s being said about the app. Are there lots of irrelevant or unrelated comments? That’s a bad sign. Are most reviews empty and only ratings were given? That’s another red flag. If you’re beginning to think that doing all these things is too difficult and boring, simply consider the possible repercussions of having your nudes posted on the web – free for everyone to download.

Pointers for Better Safety

At this point, you should be capable of choosing an app that’s really worthy to be part of your favorites. However, keep in mind that when it comes to sending nudes, you shouldn’t solely focus on your choice of software. Your own actions and decisions when interacting with people online could be the difference between a steamy and satisfying exchange and a life-altering and traumatic experience.

Remember not to post anything that’s easily identifiable – as much as possible never send anything that has your face in it. Photos that could be used to reveal your location should be avoided as well. These don’t merely apply to risqué pictures – sending a seemingly harmless photo at first, then sending another that depicts you in complete undress could end up causing the same outcome, and creating the same sort of problems.

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All in all, as you search for a few favorite apps to send nudes, and as you use them firsthand, it’s best to keep your security in mind and be as careful as possible – no matter how adventurous you’re feeling.


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The most outstanding gay sex positions recommended in recent years

Many porn websites these days give the absolute entertainment and guidelines for all adult users worldwide to take pleasure in the sex life in all the possible ways. If you are a gay and willing to make your gay sex life favourable in all methods, then you have to identify, try and become skilled at different gay sex positions at this time. The missionary sex position is one of the most common gay sex positions and preferred by almost every beginner in the gay sex life. Many gays worldwide prefer and love this position because they explore the part of physique and reactions in eyes mutually. The hot diggity doggie position is an excellent sex position for those who expect a notable enhancement in the adult fun with another man. You may wish to do or get fast and hard thrusting for more than a few couple of minutes. You can confidently prefer the doggie sex position and realize all your gay sex fantasies without any difficulty.

You may be one among men who like to let the gay partner ride you on your back when you lie down and keep in a doggy style. You can also let your partner to be submissive and let your sexual organ thrust him as deep as possible by holding onto his waist. You can let your partner masturbate himself or you can masturbate him without changing this position. A good variation is a key to make him fulfilled and enjoy this sex position as maximum as possible. This is worthwhile to use the silk covered pillow under the groin area of your partner when you let him flat on his stomach and keep his butt in an elevated position enough to thrust as per your desires.

The side doggie sex position is used and suggested by many men in our time. You can prefer the side doggie gay sex position soon after you have planned to explore his chest, stomach, penis, legs, face and other parts of the body in detail. You will be pleased when he uses the backhanded strokes and let you make him fulfilled physically in all the possible methods. You can play with his small breasts, lick and bite his nipples when you explore different aspects of his body all through the side doggie position.

Well experienced and smart gay couples these days choose the cliff diver position for their mutual adult fun. You may be one among swimming enthusiasts in the world and have planned to introduce a few new sex positions in the gay sexual relationship with him. You can choose and enjoy the cliff diver gay sex position hereafter. You will be happy when you dive into your partner and be encouraged to please him in unusual manners.

Do not forget that he has to be strong in order to hold your physique and let your hard thrusts pleasurably fulfil all his sexual desires. You or your partner can get on all fours on the bed or ground. You can let him receive your thrust behind with proper lubrication as well as protection. If your partner wraps his legs around your back or up the waist or thighs towards his chest, then you can get the utmost support and make your wild gay sex dreams come true.

The knee up position makes every gay satisfied beyond doubt. You can easily expose your booty in this extraordinary position and seduce him as maximum as possible. You have to let him lies down on the hood of a car, table, bed, couch or floor as per his convenience and grasp his knees, calves and ankles as per your convenience to insert your penis into him while keeping his legs back towards his chest. You will get tight backside feels as long as you push his legs back. Rusty Trombone is a little variation of the most famous 69 gay sex position. If you partner lies on his back, you get the flat surface and let him straddle the chest and position his butt as close as possible to your face. Your partner and you will be pleased when you mutually perform the analingus and get ever-increasing sexual pleasure as awaited.

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Why Do Guys Prefer Mature Women?

It’s quite fascinating that more and more men nowadays prefer older women. It’s as if the appeal of youth has been overshadowed by the need for maturity and stability. Even the most popular dating sites have highlighted this interesting trend, claiming that men in their 20s are more likely to date mature ladies. What could be the reason for this though? While there’s no single definitive answer to that question, there are several possible explanations.

Although there are still guys who would date a younger lass, a study has revealed that older women have become more pleasing to men because of their exceptional demeanor when handling a relationship. As confessed by some Hollywood actors who married women older than them, the character and personality that mature women possess are absolutely impressive. To them, older ladies have the following appeal:

  • It may not apply all the time, but age comes with maturity. An older woman is a mature woman when she completely knows her true self. She does not try to fake anything about her because she values herself. Younger and less mature ladies crave attention, but a mature woman wants respect instead.
  • A mature woman focuses on her own self rather than trying to meddle in somebody’s business. She is diligent and sophisticated. She does not have time for games because she has more important things to do with her life. This is definitely the kind of woman a man wants to marry.
  • A sharp intellect automatically turns on a guy. A mature woman is wise in making decisions and very confident in handling situations. She has her own principles that she firmly holds no matter how hard the situation is. She understands why things happen and she does not “broadcast” everything she and her partner is going through.
  • A mature woman has a fixed mindset. She knows what she wants and she works for it. Being in a relationship with a mature woman is an advantage. She encourages her partner to be as successful as she is instead of leaving him when he fails. She does not give up on her lover just as how she did not give up on her dreams.
  • When it comes to a relationship, a mature woman is financially independent. She does not rely on her man financially because she is a career woman who knows how to earn her own money. She believes that she did not enter a relationship for the sake of having someone to finance her needs.
  • They say that confidence is sexy. Well, mature women have embraced their insecurities and love themselves in spite of their flaws. Younger women are diffident because they are still under a psychological process of acceptance. Men would prefer those who are proud and confident no matter what.
  • Obviously, a mature woman is sexually experienced. She has this surprising bedroom wisdom that guys cannot resist. She is not ashamed of her body and the things she does for pleasure. She knows how to make a guy happy in bed without faking it. She can manifest her sexuality, which guys find very enticing.
  • In a relationship, a mature woman does not need to be in contact with her partner all the time. She understands that guys need to have their own space, too. She does not ask for fancy dates; having dinner together at home is enough. She does not ask her partner to always pick her up from work. Guys hate being suffocated by their lovers. The reason why guys fall for mature women is that they don’t pressure their lovers despite giving both love and understanding.
  • A mature woman knows what her man wants. She personally knows her partner, including his favorite soccer player, food, T-shirt, and even sex position. She knows how to make him happy without losing her entire value. She does simple things like giving her man a back massage just to make sure he feels relaxed, especially when it has been a rough day for him. Basically, men who are in relationship with older women do not have to ask their partner about things they deserve.

Given that mature ladies have these remarkable qualities, it’s no wonder that a lot of men hope for a mature woman to enter their life. Of course, whether or not they’d be successful in wooing an older woman is another matter – after all, these ladies have rather sophisticated tastes as well, and not just any man would do. If you want to meet hot milfs for milf sex then you should check out the app Milf Swiper. It is the #1 app for finding milf pussy and many local naked milfs. Remember, matures know exactly what they want so don’t hesitate and seek some out. You wont regret it!


sex positions

Top 5 Most Preferred Sex Positions

Everyone loves sex. Having sex is not merely about pleasure or stress relief because it could be for procreation or an expression of commitment and love. Nevertheless, sexual intercourse is needed by many. Humans are programmed to have sex because of its biological purpose. To some though, sex is an art form. These people have probably discovered their favorite sex positions based on their experiences. Respectively, a lot of individuals try to experiment with different sex positions to discover the most pleasurable ones.

Well, if you’re still searching, here’s a list of the five most preferred sex positions:


Classic Cowgirl

The cowgirl aka “woman on top” creates a scene where the woman should be on top of the man while facing him. The woman takes control and she can intensify her orgasm. She is in charge of every motion. She can stimulate her G-spot in her own way by riding fast or slow. Also, she has the power to pursue a shallow or deep thrust depending on her mood. Although the woman is carried by the man, she can shift her weight by leaning back and supporting her own thighs.

Doing the Doggie

Whenever people start talking about sex positions, it’s practically guaranteed that the doggie style will eventually be mentioned. In this position, the woman bends her knees and allows her palms to touch the floor or bed, like a dog. Then, the guy kneels behind her and thrusts into her slowly and gently because it can be painful to her, especially if she has never tried it before. For men, this position gives them the best erotic view, whilst women love the deep and intense penetration and the G-spot stimulation.

The Sleeper Hold

In the spoon (otherwise known as the sleeper hold), both partners face the same direction as they lie on their sides. She allows her behind to get closer to his genitals by bending her knees a little and pushing her back towards his manhood. The guy solely takes charge in thrusting. The girl is only responsible for the sensation inside her. Deep breathing creates a synchronized rhythm that builds up intimacy. The guy can last longer by doing deep breathing and shallow thrusts.

This position is a favorite among pregnant or heavy women. And if the couple wishes to sleep after the intercourse, this could be the best position because they are already lying in bed. Also, note that this is very effective when the couple is trying to conceive a child.

Mantis Maneuver

In the gift wrapped position aka the horny mantis, both partners lay down as they face each other. The woman spreads her legs wide enough and the guy inserts his genitals slowly into her. She hugs the guy and wraps her legs behind his back as he leans closer to her face. This is a relaxing position for the both of them, but it does allow for deep penetration. Intimacy often builds up in this position – which is why it’s seen as a key ingredient to having the hottest adventures in bed. For deeper penetration, a man can thrust deeply or the woman can pull him closer using her legs that are locked onto his back.

All about a Dance

Among these top sex positions, the face off aka the lap dance remains the most preferred. The guy is positioned at the edge of the bed or seated on a chair. The woman sits on his lap, facing him and hugs his face. She is now in charge of the depth and intensity of the thrust and ride. She presses her legs as she moves up and down, creating intense sensations. The guy can grab her waist and start bouncing her to get faster. He may start exploring her body using his hands and surely, she’ll love that. This is a very intimate position because both are facing one another really close that they could passionately kiss while having sex.

Although there are dozens of sex positions, some are simply better. These are labeled to be very pleasurable and purposive because they all relate to one common goal – induce and prolong orgasm. Some try a certain position to take control or be dominant. Meanwhile, there are others who select a position that will be hassle-free, especially when they plan to sleep afterwards. And of course, there are people who take such position for the sole purpose of bearing a child. However, the most important thing is that sex imparts happiness to people.

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